• Call AKKO and talk with us.  We will work with you to start your training in the correct class at the best level for where you and your dog are now.

  • Fill out our Training Application.  (Click on the link to download.)

  • Bring your completed Training Application and your dog's proof-of-vaccination for Rabies, Parvo and  DH to your first lesson.

General Information for all Classes

Before You Sign Up

General Information for all Drills

  • Drills are weekly practice sessions where we work to improve your skills.

  • Handlers and dogs need to know all the exercises for the appropriate level.

Classes are 8 weeks of structured, progressive lessons. Missing a class makes it hard on you and your dog to keep up. You will also have specific homework every week.  Training your dog should be an everyday activity, and to be fair to him or her, you will need to do your homework.